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I am not dead!

Just Lappy is.  Pretty much, his screen died.  It'll boot up, but I can't see anything on the screen.  And it's probably gonna cost more than I'd like to fix it.  And I can't really afford to fix it.  Medical bills to pay and trying to save up to move out of my parents house, that and to buy a car.  Which all of those things are more important than having a computer that works.  But on the upside, I do have my desktop that I can use.  It's functional, at least for now.  It's 5 now.  Got it for graduating high school.  Which I can hardly believe that it's been five years.  FIVE!  It just blows my mind when I think about it.  I guess there was a reunion last weekend.  Of course, I couldn't go because I couldn't get the time off and I just couldn't afford to go.  Oh well.  It's not the end of the world.  I'm sure I'll go to the 10 year reunion.  Maybe.  But yeah, at least this computer works.

I'm doing alright.  Just working.  I'm now in full on production mode for California checking/savings.  Which isn't too bad.  I mean, you get people yelling at you, but that's pretty typical, never mind which side you work on.  But I'm gonna be keeping my eye out for something different, even though it might be less pay or might not have benefits.  I think I just need something different.

Parents are getting ready to go on their two week vacation.  They're going to a family reunion on my dad's side this coming weekend, which already has 150 family members registered for it.  And I probably only know 10 out of those 150 that are registered.  So it doesn't even really matter if I'm going to that or not.  And then they're going down to Wichita to see my mom's family.  Which I'm a little sad that I can't go.  Cause I wanna see my family down there.  Cause who knows when the next time I'll get to see them is.  Oh well.  I guess I'll just keep saving up PTO and money so I can go down there.  But it'll be nice to have some time to myself here.  It's much needed.  Very much needed.

Some other good news, I'm done going to the chiropractor.  Only have to go in if I really really need to.  So that's some fantastic news there.

And that's pretty much it with me.  I think Chip needs to go out.  So I'm gonna let him out and then just chillax.  Work on the blanket that I've been working on and maybe pop in the RENT dvd that I just got at Target.  It's "RENT! Filmed live on Broadway".  I'm so excited! :D  Basically the last show and they filmed it live.  YAY!  So I think I'm just gonna go chillax


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