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And The Beat Goes On...

Work is draining whatever life and energy that I have rather quickly.  It sucks.  I only work 5 hours today, 12-5, but I didn't get my break till 3 freaking 30.  I was not happy at all!  I was dying for my break a couple of hours in, but waiting almost 4 hours to get it, on a 5 hour shift.  THATS NOT COOL!

Otherwise, today wasn't a bad day.  I just woke up earlier than I wanted to, and then I spent a couple of hours at my dad's office and then went to work and came home, we had pizza for dinner, and then took a shower, and now I'm about to go to bed.

Tomorrow is my day off!  And I've got therapy in the morning.  Otherwise, I'm free for the day.  I'm excited.

Ok, I'm gonna go get water and then go to bed.


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