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Marvolus Weekend!

It's been a fantastic weekend and a very well welcomed weekend.  I've needed it sooooooooo bad.  Waking up at 5:30 is bad enough, but 6 days this weekend just about killed me.  And it was fantastic, because I essentially did nothing this weekend.  Friday was great, because I worked till 3:15.  But it sucked, cause I essentially had to wait till 4 till someone could come and get me, cause I guess my mom forgot that I needed a ride or something, and I accidentally left my keys at home.  But, I was able to borrow my dad's key and go home.  And that was fine, because my dad and mom we're going to the Chef's table with some friends.  So I had the house to myself Friday night for awhile.  I went and got a pizza and just relaxed.  It was great.  And yesterday, was a lot of fun.  I slept till 9:30, which doesn't really sound like sleeping in that late, but trust me, it was!  And it was FANTASTIC!  And then I kinda puttered around for awhile, did some laundry, just chillaxed for awhile, got a shower, it was nice.  And then I  went over to my friends and her daughter's place, and we played some Mario Kart Wii and a little bit of Mario Party, and then we went and got some pizza, and then came back and had that and watched a few minutes of Bolt, but decided against that, and then we worked on a puzzle.  And then I came home and went to bed.  It was pretty nice.  And I think they might be coming over this weekend.  For enchiladas and hand and foot!  Should be a good time!  And so far today, I've just been relaxing.  I gave mom her gift, I got her "Romancing the Stone"/"Jewel of the Nile".  Cause they had it at Wal-Mart packaged together, and I thought that she'd like it.  I think she does.  I know she really likes those movies.  Not sure what we're doing the rest of the day.  Hopefully not much.  Cause I don't want to do very much today.  Haha.  So yeah, it's been a great weekend, and it's been so welcomed.

I'm gonna finish drinking my coffee and continue taking it easy


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