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Dear 6:45 am,

You are so early and I don't like you.  But perhaps you're better than the 3:30-midnight shift.  Maybe I like you after all.

So, I've been going through some new up training this week.  And it's like, super early.  But 6:45-3:15 is better than 3:30-midnight class.  It's like I have an extra day in my weekend.  It's great.  And thank the Maker I can sleep in tomorrow.  I'm supposed to hang out with my friend tomorrow.  Planning on playing some Game Cube/Wii and having pizza and just chilling.  It'll be great!

I'm seriously out of it.  Think I'll turn in here in an hour or two.  I'm really tired.  I hate making these short.  But I don't know what to say.  Cause not much is going on in my life  But yeah, sleep is good.  So I shall get some sleep.


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