kaitydid33087 (kaitydid33087) wrote,

Leg Update And Stuff

I went back to the chiropractor today.  Things aren't as bad as they could be.  The x-rays came back fine.  I do have one extra vertebra.  But it's nothing to worry about.  And then there was something that wasn't quite fused.  Like spina biffida.  But it's not the kind that can paralyze you.  It's something that a lot of people have apparently.  But otherwise, I'm ok.  The chiropractor gave me some stretches to do.  So hopefully in a few days I'll be feeling better.

Otherwise, my day wasn't so bad.  I had someone tell me that I was a ray of sunshine or something like that.  That made me laugh.

And yeah, it wasn't too bad.  I'm just tired and in pain.

And next week, we're all getting uptrained for COIN.  Which is the California thing.  And yeah, 6:45 am-3ishpm but it's better than 3-midnight shift.  And I'm pretty much like, done by 5 in the afternoon.  So it'll be nice to be done early in the afternoon so I can just chill in the afternoon and the evening.  So yeah.

Ok, yeah, I'm gonna go get some sleep.


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