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So, my right leg has been hurting for about a month now.  No idea what's wrong with it.  It just hurts.  My parents seem to think it's my sciatic nerve.  So my dad is gonna try and get me to his chiropractor tomorrow morning.  I called out of work today because I was in such bad pain.  It's feeling better.  More like it normally does.  So hopefully, the chiropractor can figure out what's going on and I can get better asap.  I was in and out of sleep all night last night.  Went to bed about 8:30 and fell asleep around 9, and then I woke up about 12 something and fell back asleep.  And then I think I woke up one more time.  Then woke up right before 7 and stayed awake till about 9 something, then fell back asleep till about 11 and I've been awake every since.

Other than that I'm ok.  Had a pretty good and relaxing weekend.  Didn't do very much.  Friday I went out and I got some lunch at Taco Bell and I got some groceries for the week.  Yesterday I wallowed in my pain all day.  Then today I watched "Up" and I've been channel surfing all day.  We're supposed to have Monterey like things for dinner.  I think we're gonna eat fairly soon.  Good thing too, cause I'm starving!

And yeah.  I'm pretty good.  I get paid this week.  Hooray!  I've been spending more than I thought I did.  Eh.  Gotta save.  Just cause spending money all the time isn't a good thing.  Sometimes I'm good about that, sometimes I'm not.  Oh well.  I'll get more money in the next couple of weeks.

But yeah, I'm ok.  Just kinda hanging out.

And I think it's just about dinner time. 

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