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People are dumb...

Why are people so dumb?  Seriously!  I've noticed a trend the past several days.  If you're late, you're late.  If you're payment gets sent back to you unpaid, then yes, it goes in your cash advanced catagory, and no, it's not our fault that you called in, and punched the numbers in wrong on the phone.  And YES you do have to verify basic information for the safety of your account.  Is it really that hard?!  I swear...some people...I'm sorry.  But in general, people are just dumb.  I'm just sick of dumb people.

In other news.  The weather has been gorgeous the past several days.  It was like 80 today.  It was great.  I love it and wish it would stay like this forever.

Other than people being dumb, work is alright.  Lacking in sales, and I'm honestly trying.  What more can I do? *sighs*  I like it alright.  It's a job.  I'm happy to have one.

Ok yeah, I'm tired.  It's been a long day.


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