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Good Days

Pretty darn tired.  But I'll update anyways.

Past couple of days have been pretty good.

Wednesday...don't want to talk about.  It wasn't a good day.  I managed to make a sale though.  And yesterday was a really awesome day.

So work was pretty darn good yesterday.  I think I was sitting in a pretty good spot.  Because all of my calls were really good.  I made a sale.  We had a couple of meetings, so that meant time off the phone.  Which is always good.  My call times were really good.  And when I got back to the house I had "Shadows of the Empire" and some mail a friend sent me waiting for me.  And it was my Friday yesterday.  So that was awesome.

And today was awesome too.  Went to the office with my mom and got the car.  Then I went and got a coffee from City Brew.  Then I went to Target.  And I was gonna get some food for the week while I was there, but I decided to make a seperate trip to the grocery store for that.  But I ended up getting the first and second season of the Brady Bunch, cause it was packaged together and was a good price, and something that I had been wanting for awhile.  So I got that and went to Wal-Mart and I got FernGully on DVD, because that was like, my favorite movie as a kid.  So I got that and the Essential Billy Joel cd, because I'm going through a Billy Joel kick and I like Billy Joel anyways.  And then I went back to the house for a little bit.  And then Chip and I went to the bank and then Taco Bell.  And then back to the house for a little while.  Played some Banjo Kazooie.  And then I went to the grocery store and I got some food for the week.  I got ham, and a couple of yogurt things, some swiss cake roles, some oranges, a couple of lean pockets, some coffee creamer, and some oatmeal, and a Snapple.  Because Snapple is my new thing.  So I got some variety for work.  So that makes me happy.  Then I came back to the house and was here for a bit.  And then mom and dad got home, and then dad and I went and got some pizza at Pizza Hut.  The service was slow and the Diet Pepsi was bad.  Came back to the house and watched HSM 3.  Which I had watched a few minutes of it during the summer or something like that.  And I've actually been curious about it.  So watched that.  Played a little bit more Banjo Kazooie.  Got Freezeasy Peak open.  That's like, the 5th world I got open now.  And now I'm just about to go to bed.

Dunno what I'm doing tomorrow.  Gonna clean my room most likely.  And just chill.  Good to have weekends like that.  And I'll probably work on my lightsaber scarf and read a little bit.  Because I need to do some reading.  See if I can finish up Nightlight.  And then get a good way into Shadows of the Empire.  So yeah.  See what I can do with my books tomorrow.

Anyways, I'm tired and I should get to bed.


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