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Been far too long since I've used that icon.

So yeah, yesterday was a really bad day.  I had a customer on my very last phone call call me a dummy, and just a bunch of other little things happened to just make a rough day even rougher.  It was just a bad bad day.

But today was so much better.  One, my call times weren't as bad as they were yesterday.  I ended at 240 something I think, when yesterday I was at 300something.  It was bad.  And I made 2 sales today, almost 3.  It would've been 3 if my first balance transfer had've been over 500 dollars.  But I got an overdraft protection and a balance transfer.  So that's extra money in my paycheck which is most excellent.  So yeah, a much better day at work.

Pretty lazy this evening.  Watched Idol and right now Roseanne, and then I'm gonna head to bed.  I'm exhausted.  Taking calls all day is super draining.  And I've been waking up about 30 minutes before my alarm the past couple of days.  Rather wake up early than late.  Just paranoid I guess.

So yeah, guess I'm gonna get some sleep.  Cause it's been a long day and I love sleep.


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