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Haven't used my "Hairspray" icon in awhile.  I'll use that one.

I'm so tired today.  My brain just wasn't having it at all.  I had a cup of coffee this morning.  And then at lunch I had like, half of a diet dr pepper.  And that's pretty much it as far as caffeine goes.  But today was slightly more productive than yesterday.  My brain was just out of it.  I don't remember what we did the first half of the day.  But it wasn't that important I guess.  And then after break, we had someone come in and talk to us about quality.  I counted 487ish 'um's' during his entire presentation.  Our instructor warned us that it was gonna be dry and boring.  And that pretty much gives us reason to not listen.  Then we got to get on the phones for the first time!  That was so awesome!  I'm so excited for my job now!

Dad came and picked me up at lunch so that I could get my debit card activated.  Got that done.  Ate lunch in the car.  Kinda hung out with my dad for a bit.

Didn't do much tonight.  Watched Idol.  That's about it.  Had a shower.

I'm just really tired and out of it.  And I'm ready for bed.

Which is where I'm going now.


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