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Kickin Back and Relaxin'

Think I'm gonna try updating in the morning again.  That seems to work.  And at least I'm not passing out on cold meds or anything.  I'll just be really groggy instead!  It's a win/win situation right?  I'm sure that I could come up with a win/win/win situation if I really tried though.

My dad is coming home today.  Mom just left to go to the office to get some work done.  I'm watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.  All good stuff.

Working on a macro of epic proportions right now.  It's slow going.  But it combines two very awesome things.  Won't give it away though. *wink*

I had something  I was gonna say last night.  But I seriously can't remember what it is now.  OH MY MAKER! GRR!

Think I'm gonna go get some lunch here in a little while.  Gonna take Chip with me, because he loves going for car rides.

Talked to my sister for a little bit.  That was nice.

OH I REMEMBER!  My grandma got her turtle that I sent her, and she LOVED it!  She showed it to Charlot, and she was so proud at how far I've come!  I'm really proud of myself too!  And I'm really proud of my hat that I made!  I feel like I've come so far!  

Alright, well, I should go take a shower, finish up my laundry, and get some lunch.


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