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Yeah...so the past couple of days have been kind of interesting.

Out of classroom training and into nesting.  Which has been interesting.  It makes me miss my instructor that we had in the classroom.  He's not as good of a teacher.  And he's rather monotone, which doesn't help either.  I mean, otherwise it's not bad.  It's just kind of hard to pay attention to him.  Which is bad.

My dad went to Denver for a few days.  He'll be back tomorrow.  Been nice being able to drive the car.  Makes me wish I had my own car.  And he's going out of town again next weekend.  So I'll have the car then too.  Which'll be nice.  I need to save up for my own car.  I hate sharing the car with my dad.  I need one of my own.

So lets see...uh...I went to Jo Ann's after work yesterday to get yarn for my lightsaber scarf that I'm making.  Yes...I'm making a lightsaber scarf.  Yes, I'm a nerd.  No, I don't care.  Yes I am awesome.

Went to Wal-Mart today.  Was just gonna get some cold medicine, because I've got this cough, and my voice keeps going in and out on me.  It's a pain.  But I ended up getting a couple of Lady Gaga cd's.  Because I discovered that I actually like her music.  I found The Fame Monster on sale for 8 bucks and The Fame on sale for 11.88 or something like that.  It's pretty awesome.  And I got some peanut butter strawberry m&m's that are really good.  I'm gonna get a full bag if I can.

My debit card FINALLY got here.  I just need to go activate it.  I wish the bank was open tomorrow.  Too bad it's not.

Been watching Harry Potter all day today.  And will probably be doing the same thing tomorrow.  And crocheting all day tomorrow.

Ok.  I need some sleep now.  Night everyone.


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