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Relaxing Weekend

Totally relaxing day today.  I didn't do much of anything.  There was a marathon of the New Trilogy on SPIKE today.  So I watched most of that.  And I crocheted my beanie today!  I got it finished!  I'm SO PROUD!  My first hat ever!  I'm proudly going to wear it to work tomorrow!  I've made a hat for myself on my Kniffty Knitters, but not ever crocheting one!  And now, I have an idea for a lightsaber scarf.  Yes, I'm insane.  I just need to get some grey yarn.  Maybe this weekend.  Cause I'll have the car this weekend.  I'll go to Jo Anne's after work on Thursday and get some.  I will for sure, be the coolest person walking around Kalispell.  That's right bitches!  I'm a Star Wars nerd AND PROUD!  And my dad was kind enough to get me a pizza crust so I could make a pizza tonight, because I've been craving pizza the past couple of weeks.  So that's pretty awesome.  It's been a pretty nice day.

I'm all jazzed up for work tomorrow, and the rest of the week.  But going in with a badass hat will make me have a good week for sure.

Anyways, I need to get some sleep if I'm going to be able to function tomorrow.


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