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TGIS!  Lapping up the glory of the weekend.  So glad it's here!  It was a long week.  I just go to work and sit in class all day, and afterwords my brain just feels like it's been run through a wringer.  It's awful.  But I still really like my job.  Yesterday was pretty good.  We took our midterm (together, no doubt.  We all got 100) and we got to Y-Jack again, which is always awesome.  I got to 'drive' this time.  Meaning clicking around on things.  It was really helpful.  And then we went over some other stuff.  So pretty good day.  And I got to drive the car to work, so I didn't have to wait around for an hour and a half for my dad to come and pick me up.  So that was really nice.

Today has been pretty good.  I've kinda felt crappy all day.  My eye was doing something kinda funky.  Like, you know when the camera flash goes off, and you see spots for a little while?  It was like that for a bit.  And then I got this nasty headache that lasted for a couple of hours.  Then my stomach was feeling kinda upset.  Otherwise it wasn't too bad.  Took a shower.  Got a really good amount of work done on my ST Beanie.  I so karking proud of it!  It's the first hat I've ever crocheted!  And my dad and I found my lightsaber out in the garage!  :D  I'm excited I have it again!

I'm pretty excited for work next week.  Cause it's crazy theme week!  Monday is crazy hat day, and if I finish my hat tomorrow, which I'm going to attempt to do, then I'll wear it on Monday.  Tuesday is Dress as your favorite character from a cartoon/movie.  I'm going as a Jedi.  Gonna wear my bathrobe that has a hood on it and carry my lightsaber with me, and of course leave it in my bag during the day.  Wednesday is St Patty's Day, so wear as much green as you can day, Thursday is Camo day, and I'm not participating in that, cause I don't have any camo.  And Friday is Decade Day.  And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the 60's theme on that and wear my tie dyed shirt and jeans and bandana, but wear the bandana like a headband.  It'll be cool.  And wear my hair down, and maybe straighten it.  So I'm pretty excited.

So, yeah.  I'm really tired right now.  Not feeling quite so hot.  Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

I should get some sleep


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