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No Nifty Gifties...

But I was there for a half hour or so, filling out paperwork.  That was..fun.  I got my schedule for the next couple of weeks.  I have 3 closing shifts the week after next.  I'm not exactly thrilled at that idea.  Just because I don't like coming home at 10:30 or so.  That, and by the time it gets to be 10:30, it's dark outside, and I don't like driving in the dark.  I'm already apprehensive enough driving in the light.  But I guess it isn't so bad.  At least I'll be getting paid.

So, my dad had let Chip out to go potty one last time, about 20 minutes ago or so.  And he was barking, and my dad asked me to let him back in, so I go see what he's barking at.  I see him running after something, and low and behold, I look up, and there were like 8 or so deer crossing through our yard.  It was AWESOME!  And this is why I love Montana.

Otherwise, today was boring.  I didn't do a thing.  My parents went on a hike, but I decided to stay behind.  Because I needed some alone time.  Went to CostCo and the grocery store with my dad.  I guess that was exciting.  My day was pretty boring otherwise.

Anyways, I've got about 30 minutes left, so I should go check stuff and then go.


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