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Quick Update

Keeping this short, because I'm tired.

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday.  We were more active on the computer.  It wasn't as mind numbing as it was the other day, and it wasn't as boring as yesterday, when it was just lecture all day long.  Kinda looked at the system that we're gonna be using and our search site.  So, it was fun.  Had to wait on my dad a little bit again today.  But it was warmer than it was yesterday, so again, not too bad.  And then my dad came and got me and we went to the hardware store and then went back to the house.  And then dad fixed dinner.  I watched Idol.  And I'm honestly about to go to bed here.  Cause I really am tired.  It's been kind of a long day.

So it's off to bed I go.


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