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"Today Was Very Boring"

Today Was Very Boring
By Jack Prelutsky

Today is very boring,
it’s a very boring day,
there is nothing much to look at,
there is nothing much to say,
there’s a peacock on my sneakers,
there’s a penguin on my head,
there’s a dormouse on my doorstep,
I am going back to bed.

Today is very boring,
it is boring through and through,
there is absolutely nothing
that I think I want to do,
I see giants riding rhinos,
and an ogre with a sword,
there’s a dragon blowing smoke rings,
I am positively bored.

Today is very boring,
I can hardly help by yawn,
there’s a flying saucer landing
in the middle of my lawn,
a volcano just erupted
less than half a mile away,
and I think I felt an earthquake,
it’s a very boring day.

One of my favorite poems.  Just silly and kinda sums up my day.  Nothing TOO interesting happened, but enough happened to make it a good day.  Nothing super exciting like a giant riding a rhino though.  Haha!

Watched the Olympics today.  The guys won their game against the Swiss two-zip.  And NO ONE scored till the third period.  Made for a VERY boring game.  Not that I really like hockey that much anyways,  but you know.  It's our guys playing, so why not watch to root 'em on?

Watched some of the Top Twelve guys sing tonight on Idol.  It's an all around good group.  I personally think there's several in both the girls and the guys that are real stand outs.  Interesting to see where it goes this year.

Not much is happening tomorrow.  More Olympics in the afternoon.  Hoping something is on in the morning.

And I seriously hope we do better tomorrow.  I hope that one of our girls medals in figure skating.  While I like Rachel Flatt, I don't like her as much as I like Sacha Cohen.  Sacha is just a more graceful skater.  But Rachel Flatt is good, just not my favorite.  I love the other girl we have though.  I can't spell her name to save my life.  But she's so graceful.  I really like her.  Hope she does well enough to medal tomorrow.

Anyways, I should get to bed.  It's just after 1 now.  I need so sleep.


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