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Hogwarts is Home pimpage <3

You don't dream of sugarplums dancing in your head, do you? I thought not. You obviously look like someone who has dreams of Honeydukes and butterbeer and pumpkin juice instead. Of competition, wizarding style! Of learning to duel and make potions and take care of adorable fluffy magical creatures. (Because they're all adorable and fluffy--just ask Hagrid!)

If I'm right in my supposition about your character--surely my Divination club activities have not failed me!--then you would fit right in and find bliss at hogwartsishome where Hogsmeade is visited once every two months for a weekend at hogsmeadewkends, and Hogwarts coursework is learned through fun games and activities at hh_clubs and graphics reign supreme in multiple fashions at sortedchallenge (an icontest), hh_flourish where members can run graphics shops, and hogwartsicons. And where fanworks are the special du jour at hh_sugarquill. You can even discover your animagus at hih_animagus and your patronus at hh_stamping (after first discovering which Harry Potter Universe character you are most like.)

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry on over to platform_934 and hop aboard the Hogwarts Express for a one way ticket to fun and friends!

PS: When you join, tell them I sent ya. ;)
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