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I am SO exhausted.  I stayed up WAY too late the other night, just dealing with some drama.  Just couldn't sleep till about 7:30 or so, and woke up around 10:00/10:30 or so.  And then I was up till 2 or so last night, and I was way tired before that.  And I turned out the light around 12:30 or so, but I just had a hard time actually falling asleep.  And then I slept till 11:00 today, and I had two cups of coffee and a diet coke, and yet I'm STILL exhausted.  I'm going to bed early tonight.

Other than that, yesterday wasn't too bad.  We lost power for about 45 minutes.  But that was alright, because I got Chip on a short walk and got my room straightened up a bit.  Dad called about 3, and asked me if I wanted to go see "Valentine's Day".  So we went to the 4:10 showing.  It was pretty good.  The Taylor's kinda ruined it though (Taylor Lautner (GAG) and Taylor Swift (Who should just honestly stick to singing).  Otherwise it was good.  And then we had pizza for dinner.  And watched the Olympics.  EVAN LYSACEK FOR THE MOTHER KARKING WIN!  OH MY MAKER!  I was SO excited for him!  I squeed so loud!  Ah!  I just can't get over it!  It's just so exciting.

Anyways, today has been pretty good.  Pretty relaxing.  Haven't done very much.  Unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned out Chip's water bowl.  That's about it.  Watched the Olympics all day.  The men's curling team finally won a match!  I'm really excited for Ice Dancing tonight!  :D

We're having tacos for dinner.  YUMMAH!

I really have no other news.  Imma gonna go take Chip out.


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