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What A Day...

So, my alarm didn't go off this morning.  So my mom knocks on my door at 9, and is all "Don't you have somewhere to be at 9:30?".  SHITFUCKDAMN IMMA GONNA BE LATE.  But not really.  By the time I finished getting ready, it was like 9:20 or so.  And my dad was really nice and gave me a ride.  Just had to fill out a little bit of paperwork.  Which took all of 2 minutes to actually fill out.  I got to "pick" my schedule for after my training period.  I guess they call it production.  9:00-5:30 on Sunday, 10-6:30 Monday-Thursday, and then off on Friday and Saturday.  HOORAY FOR A STEADY SCHEDULE!  And then it took a few minutes for the woman at the front desk to get all the paperwork together.  Longer for her to get the paperwork together than it took for me to actually fill it out.  LOL.  Then my dad took me to the health center and I took a drug test, cause I had to.  So, I tried, but didn't get anything out.  So then I went back a little bit later, got some out, but not quite enough, so had to drink some water and wait just a little bit longer.  And then I finally got enough.  So after that I went to Wal-Mart, just browsed around a bit.  Then got some lunch from Taco Bell and came back to the house.  And I just chilled.  Just finished watching "the Office".  Good episode tonight!  They're finally getting good again.  Had a little bit of a slump, but they've picked back up.

TJ Maxx called me just a little bit ago.  They wanted to hire me, but I sadly had to turn them down.

At least 2 places want me.  They said that if I needed something just to give them a call back.  So that's good to know.

Haven't had dinner yet.  I'm not really that hungry.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I have no plans.  It'll be nice.  I've kinda enjoyed not really going anywhere this week.  And I can sit here at the house, in peace for a couple of weeks. I'll probably sleep in.  And then...I dunno.  Just relax.  It'll be nice.

Ok, I'm engrosed in "Project Runway", so I'll get back to that.


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