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Another Relaxing Day

Well, I think the worst of my period is over.  I've just been having light cramps today.  Not as bad as the past couple of days.  And I'm not as tired as I was yesterday.

Going into TeleTech tomorrow morning to fill out paperwork.  Yay paperwork.  But YAY having a job!

I was semi-productive today.  I got some laundry done and my federal taxes done.  I need to get my states done.  Always feels good when I get stuff done.  I just need to put my laundry away now.  But it just came out of the drier a little bit ago.

Idol was good tonight.  I always <3 Group Night!  Last night was so boring.  It was like auditions all over again.  So boring.  I'm just ready for the top 50...or whatever it is.

I'm getting tired.  I should go to bed before too long.  Gotta get up early.

Need some water and then just gonna chill for a little bit.


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