January 8th, 2012

Yellow Brick Road


For like, the first time in a couple of months, at least it seems.  I'm happy!  I have had such a good and amazing day.

I woke up and just felt in a fabulous mood.  I was a bit groggy, but not too bad.  And I was just, in a good mood.  I woke up to the Muppets being on Extreme Home Makeover on TV Land, because they show re-runs of that show on the weekend.  And I can't ever pass up ANYTHING Muppets.  And then I had my coffee, and I was happy.  And then around 12:30, Nicole called and asked, "What are you doing today?" and I said, "Nothing.", so she asked if I wanted to hang out, to which I replied with a, we'll see if I'm not working.  I ended up not working, so I hung out with Nicole this afternoon.  We met up at Best Buy, because I knew all the seasons of Veronica Mars was on sale for ten dollars.  And I didn't have that one yet, so I wanted to see if they had it.  They didn't, but I managed to get it.  It's on backorder, but I still managed to order it for the 10 dollar price and free shipping.  And it'll be sent here, which will be fantastic!  Which means I don't have to go to Best Buy and pick it up, but at the same time, it'll mean my mom will probably pick it out of the mailbox and see it and yell at me for ordering it.  But I don't care.  10 dollars is worth it.  And this means that I've gotten all 3 seasons for 20 dollars, or less.  WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY!  And then we browsed Bed, Bath and Beyond.  And then we decided we were STARVING.  So we went to Subway.  And then we went over to Game Stop and looked around. And then we went over to Ross.  And then Wal-Mart.  And then Nicole went to go pick up Katy and we all went our own ways.

And now I'm relaxing and watching Downton Abbey.  WHICH I FORGOT WAS ON AND I MISSED THE FIRST TWENTY MINUTES! D: But now I'm watching it and I'm gasping and squeeing because this show is so awesome.

Ummm...there was other stuff I was going to say, BUT I GERFOT!

I'm just happy and good today.  Never mind my caps!

I'm gonna go watch my show.