January 7th, 2012

Yellow Brick Road

Lazy Saturday

Yeah, I know it's past Christmas, I really need to change all my icons and my mood theme and whatnot, but I'm so lazy.  I don't want to.

Today was another lazy day.  Chip woke me up around 10:30, I wanted to keep sleeping.  The night time meds make me groggy.  Perhaps I need to be taking them earlier in the evening, and I won't have that problem.  So I spent several hours laying in bed, feeling groggy.  I eventually called in to work, but they didn't need me, so I did more laying around, until my parents left.  They went to go see a movie and go out for dinner for their anniversary.  It's number 37 or 38 or something.  I'm not sure which.  It's 30 something though, that much I do know.  So they left, and I laid around a bit more.  Then eventually I got in the tub and read and soaked for a bit.  Then I got out and ordered a pizza for dinner, and I shamelessly ate the WHOLE thing.  I never do that, but I was hungry and I wanted it, so...yeah.  I'll get a good work out tomorrow.  Bob will be working me out on the Biggest Loser:Challenge Wii game that I have.  And he will be kicking my butt.  This much I know.  And then I worked on and posted a fic for a challenge.  Which isn't my greatest one, but oh well.  I did it!  And I hope I did it right.

I've got a call in tomorrow.  If they don't use me, I don't know what I'll do.  More nothingness?  I dunno.  I kind of like this whole lazy thing.  It's rather nice.

Right now, I'm just watching ABC Family, because I like the movies that have been on today.  Though it's weird to watch Casper in January.  OH WELL!

Think I'll put my jammies on and go back to being lazy.

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