January 2nd, 2012

Yellow Brick Road

Well I can dance for you honey, if you think it's funny!

I've got ABBA running through my head.  We watched Mamma Mia! the other night, and now I've got "Does Your Mother Know" stuck in my head.

New Years Eve was quite uneventful.  Like I said, we watched Mamma Mia! and we played a couple hands of Hand and Foot.  And then we toasted in the new year.  Then I stayed up till 3:30.  Yesterday, my family went to Glacier without me, because I had to work, and I wasn't happy about that, naturally.  Oh well.  After work I went to Target to get some stuff I needed.  And then after I got back home, I had a bowl full of black eyed peas and then we watched the Princess Bride.  Which, I love.  And I took cold medicine and went to bed.

Today was uneventful.  I woke up around 10, called work around 1.  They didn't need me, so I watched "The Great Muppet Caper" and played Gardens of Time and messed around on LJ all day.  I've spent a lot more time on LJ now that I'm part of HiH.  I need to go through and pick out some challenges to do.  Start earning Puffs some points!  GO PUFFS GO! :D <3  Once my parents got home, we all went to the Backroom for dinner.  Which was yummy.  I could just eat a plateful of fry bread and be happy.  And then my mom and sister and I went through a box of stuff (that survived the trip) that got sent from my Grandpa's house, of my Grandma's stuff.  I ended up with a couple of turtles and a little painting for my dollhouse and a stained glass piece.  And I know there's going to be some other stuff coming too.  Just the matter of when.  And right now I'm messing around on Gardens of Time and channel surfing, just taking it easy.

Chip is feeling much better.  He's not 100% back, but he's feeling better.

And I'm feeling better too.  I've only taken meds once today.  I'll take some night time before too long here.  I'm trying to cut down on them though, and only take them if I feel like I have to.

So, it being a new year, I figured I'd set myself some goals.  Not resolutions, because if I call them that, I'll never keep them.

1.  I want to read more.  I read quite a bit last year, but I want to do even more reading this year.  And I'm always looking for new recommendations.  So if you have some, send them my way.  I like just about any genre.  Last year I read the Hunger Games, the Help, the Lorian Legacies (I Am Number Four and the Power of Six).  I love Harry Potter.  If I want super light, just for fun reading, I go back to the Baby Sitter Club books.  I have Tina Fey's book on my bookshelf to read.  And several other things that I bought last year, that I don't remember what they are.  But I like fiction, bios, non-fiction that reads like fiction (Night, In Cold Blood).  Just about anything.  Not really much for horror, but if it's super good, I'll read it.

2. I want to be better with my money.  I keep buying useless things.  I have a bad habit of buying movies and music when I don't need them.  So I'm trying to stick with things that I -NEED- to buy, rather than I want to buy.  Of course I'll treat myself every so often, but I really want to be better with my money, because I really, really, really, really want to move out of my parents house and into an apartment with my friend.  And the sooner I do that, the better.

3. I want to get in shape.  I need to lose some weight, not a whole, whole ton, but some.  Like, 20 pounds or so.  Maybe 30.  But I want to lose that.  So I'm going to try and do that.  I need to work with my Wii Fit and my Biggest Loser challenge and I can do that.

4. I want to be more organized.  I did a decent job of that last year, keeping up with my room.  It got messy, but never super terrible.  I figure if I keep it clean and keep up with it, then I'll feel happier.  And the happier I am, the better.

5. And I like to try to go to at least one movie a month.  It doesn't always happen, but I like to try.  I think I saw at least 12 movies this past year.  Several times I went to see two movies in one day.  So I figure with doing that, then I certainly saw 12 movies last year.  So I'm going to make that my goal again this year.

And I think that's it.  Besides updating more often.  Cause I do like LJ.  Sometimes I just don't feel like updating though.  Ya know?

I think I'm gonna change my theme up and what not here in a bit.  I've got a HP mood theme that I want to add.  And I want to look for a Muppet one.

Not for sure what's going on tomorrow.  I know I have a call in.  But that's all I know.  Hopefully another easy going day.

I think I'm gonna get back to Gardens of Time.

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