December 30th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

If it's not one thing...

It's another. 

I swear this week was against me from the very start.

Burned my fingers on Sunday, woke up to no voice on Tuesday, continued to have no voice Wednesday and Thursday.  And then yesterday, Chip had to go into the vet.  He'd been acting kind of sick since Christmas Eve.  Just really lethargic and kind of out of it.  And then I noticed his belly was getting swollen the past several days.  And yesterday, he was being really lethargic and shivering, so we took him into the vet.  They did bloodwork and took x-rays, but didn't find anything that was too bad, except he had a lot of fluid in his abdomen.  The vet decided that it was from his heart, since he has a heart problem.  So they gave him a big ol' shot of water.  And then they gave him a shot of lasix, which makes him have to pee a lot.  And then they gave him a stronger dose of his heart pills that he's had.  And then they gave him another pill, to help with the backflow or afterflow or whatever it's called, of his heart.  Something to make it work not quite as hard.  And then some lasix pills, to help get rid of the fluid.

My poor baby.


He's chilling out in front of the fire right now.  I should go check on him.