December 7th, 2011

Jesus Hufflepuff

Crafting, Crafting, and More Crafting

So, I've been pretty busy crafting the past several days.  Actually, I spent a lot of time with Nicole the past couple of days.  I love that girl so hard.  She's amazing.  We spent like, all of Monday hanging out, and I mean ALL of Monday.  From like, 2-midnight.  She even hung out at the mall while I worked for a couple of hours.  Which was awesome.  We got coffee, and browsed Cost-Co, I went to work, then we went to the new Applebee's, which doesn't look like an Applebee's at all.  More like a sports bar.  And then we went to Target and then Wal-Mart, and then we decided it was late enough, that we needed to go home.  So we went out separate ways.

Then yesterday, she texted me and was like what are you doing?  And I told her nothing.  So we decided to hang out again.  Met at BBW, I got a couple of things, cause us employee's got an extra 10% off yesterday.  So I got a couple of things that I wanted.  And then we got some coffee, and then came back to my house, and crocheted for awhile.

So I've been busy crafting the past several days.  I got Nicole's present done Sunday, I started on Megan's on Sunday and finished yesterday, and I need to start on Katy's.  And I have to do both of my managers presents, and uh, finish my mom's present, and finish a few other friends presents.  Oi vey.  So much to do, so little time.  Thank god I haven't been working so much this week.  Gives me time to get stuff done. 

So, I finished the Help last night.  Which was SUPER good.  And now I'm gonna move onto Mockingjay.  And I'm anxiously awaiting the third book in the Lorian Legacies books.  That needs to come out, like, now.  <.<  But I think after Mockingjay, I'm going to read some Barbra Kingsolver, because I haven't read any of her books before.  So yeah.

And I'm getting so excited for all the parties coming up.  I have one on Saturday, that's with Nicole and some of her other friends, but I'll know a couple of people there.  And then next Friday, we're planning on over at her house, with me, her, Katy, Jess, and Megan.  And then on Sunday, is our work party.  WHEW!  Fun times!  Makes me feel good that I have most of my Christmas stuff done. 

Which I should get to work on.

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