October 30th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

A fun night!

I had a really fun night last night. 

I had my friends, Megan, Jess, Nicole, and Katy come over for a movie, snacks, and just hanging out.  It was so much fun!  Megan came over nice and early.  We just chatted for awhile, crocheted, and caught up with each other.  I haven't seen her since DH2.  So it was nice to catch up with her.  Then Nicole came over, and Megan figured out that she knew her, because they went to elementary school together.  And then we all chatted and stuff for a bit.  And then Katy came, and she and Megan figured out that they knew each other, because they go to the Math Lab at the college together, and we all just gabbed until Jess came.  And Jess and Megan know each other, because we were all at DH2 together.  And then we all snacked and stuff for awhile.  And then we put in Hocus Pocus, but we didn't really watch it.   We just talked.  And after that, Megan left. And then Jess, Nicole, and Katy and I vented about work for awhile.  And then Jess and Nicole left.  And then Katy and I chatted for awhile longer, until she left about 2.  It was so much fun!  I haven't hung out with my friends like this, in a couple years.  The last time I hung out with friends like this, was right before I graduated. With Christina and Levi.  I miss doing that.  I hang out with friends here and there, but never in a group setting like that.  And it's fun.  We need to do that more often.

And in other news, I finished my Uncle's Christmas present.  Now I need to finish my mom's.

And I gotta finish getting ready for work.

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