October 9th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Zoom zoom zoom

My mind is never quiet.  I'm always thinking of something, have a song in my head, writing something.  That's almost always how I fall asleep, writing stories in my head.  Usually fan fic of some sort.  I dunno.  It just helps ease my mind I guess.  And then sometimes I start writing LJ entries before I actually type them up.  I don't know about anyone else, but I like to come in here sometimes, with somewhat of an idea of knowing what I'm going to write.  LJ is really theraputic to me.  Cause it helps gets all these massive amount of thoughts I have in my head down SOMEWHERE.  Often times I don't care if anyone reads it or not.  It just feels good to get my thoughts down.  Cause I need to.  Because sometimes I have too much floating around in my head.  Like I said, it just feels good to write.


The past few days have been kind of busy, but pretty good. 

I worked a long shift on Thursday.  Which went pretty well.  But we ended up getting freight a day early.  Which was stressful.  But other than that, it wasn't bad.  And then yesterday, I woke up kinda late.  Was just gonna go to Wal-Mart to get a couple of things, but the Red Cross called, and I set up an appointment to give blood. (My fourth time this year) I was done in 6 minutes and 28 seconds.  Which is one of the fastest times I've ever done it in I think.  Normally it takes me about 10 minutes, but man.  That just went really fast.  Good stuff.  And then I just hung out at home for awhile.  And then my mom and I went to Bath and Body Works, cause she wanted to look at candles, and I wanted to get something for my dad's birthday today.  So we went to Bath and Body and then Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because my mom wanted to get some coffee for the next couple of days.  We went back home after that.  And I chilled and then eventually fell asleep.  Then this morning I woke up nice and early, cause I had to be at work at 10.  So I actually had coffee today.  We haven't had any caffinated coffee in the house for a week.  and it's been driving me crazy.  I've been drinking loads of tea.  But I've missed coffee.  So I drank my coffee and ate a couple of granola bars and went to work.  Work was ok.  We were pretty slow for the first hour or so.  Then we picked up.  It was kind of steady.  But slow enough we weren't meeting our goals.  I left around 1:30.  And went back to the house for a few minutes.  Then my mom and dad left and ran a couple of errands.  Then I left a few minutes after they did, and went to Target.  Cause I needed to get a bag, tissue paper, and a card.  And I felt like there was something else missing from my dad's present.  So I was walking up the main aisle, and stopped where they have some movies, usually the five dollar ones.  And I spotted "Superman" (The Chris Reeves one).  And decided to get that for him.  And then spent forever picking out a card.  Cards are the hardest thing ever.  Sometimes I can find the right one right away, and sometimes it takes me a bit longer.  Ah well.  Picking out the right card is like picking out the present.  It's gotta be the right one.  I think I get that pickyness from my mom.  Anyways, I found the right one.  And then I spent five minutes in front of the freezer section debating what to get, when I finally decided on mini cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches.  Can you tell what I was hungry for? :P  Haha.  Anyways.  Headed home after that.  Wrapped the present and didn't do much after that, until my parents got home.  Then a couple hours later, Susi came over.  And my dad grilled steak and potatoes and we had salad.  It was delicious.  And mom made a carrot cake.  And dad opened presents.  And that was pretty much it. 

All in all, several good days.  Just busy.

Right now, I'm reading "The Power of Six" intrepidy and I are doing a read-a-long and discussing it as we go.  I recommend Pittiacus Lore, period.  I HIGHLY recommend "I Am Number Four", and from three chapters in, I recommend "The Power of Six".  It may be a YA fiction.  But he weaves a FANTASTIC story.  It just leaves you hanging on for more.  It's a little reminscant of Doctor Who in ways, so if you like Doctor Who, then I think you'll enjoy these books.  Honestly. I really do.  READ THEM!

I know words are spelled wrong, I'm sorry, spell check doesn't appear to be working at the moment. <.<

Anyways, I need to finish my potion and then head off to bed.

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