September 8th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

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Fucking A.

You know, if I were a totally low, mean, vindictive person, and really wanted to be hurtful right now (which I totally feel like being), then I would do that.

But you know, I'm not that type of person.

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So, yeah, enough whinning for one post.  I'm gonna post a real post.

So, I've had the past couple of days off.  My hours have taken a real slump lately.  It's frustrating, but I understand.  So, I've been spending my time watching Big Bang Theory and the Office. I'm currently on Season 5 of the Office, I should finish season 6 tomorrow, and I plan to go out and get season 7.  Not sure where I'm getting it.  It depends on how it's packaged at Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.  And it depends on where it's cheaper.

And, today, I've done some career thought.  And I think, between the love of theatre, and my want to help people, that maybe I should look into Drama Therapy.  Yes, it exists.  And it sounds really interesting.  So, I'm gonna look into it more.  But it looks like if I want to study it, I need to either go to San Francsico or NYC.  If I apply, and get into both, I'll go wherever it's cheaper, and if I get grants/loans/scholarships, whichever place I get more money.  And, whichever city is less dangerous and whichever city is cheaper to live in, as that's a factor too.  But yeah.  I think it's worth a shot to look into. 

I'm not sure what this weekend is bringing.  I know I'm working on Saturday, and then I have call-ins Sunday-Tuesday.  So I don't know.  Hopefully, something interesting will happen, because I feel like I've just been bumming and mopeing around the house lately, and I'm tired of it.

I should go, I've got a potion that's almost done.  Hoping it finishes right this time.  It's been glitchy all day.  Bah.

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