September 4th, 2011

Jesus Hufflepuff

I hate titles...

Ok, so I made it through yesterday ok.   It was the one year anniversary of my Grandma's passing.  It was tough, but just a hard day to get through.

I don't know what's going on.  I just feel so bleh, sad, meh.  It's just weird.  And I want to snap out of it.

Work is going ok.  I've been stuck back on the cash registers the past couple of days.  I'm not particularly fond of being back there, cause that's what I used to do.  All the time.  I like it when I'm on the floor.  I'm not to crazy about putting freight away either.  I like it, it's just not my favorite.  I prefer being out on the floor, helping people.  Not that I hate freight and the cash register, I just prefer being on the floor.  It's fun.

I've been reading a lot lately.  This week I read "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", which I really liked.  I'm excited to see the movie when it comes out.  I'm working on "I Am Number Four" again.  I put it down towards the end of June, to read "Deathly Hallows", which I didn't really read till a couple days before the last movie came out.  But yeah, I'm still liking it.  So far, I think they translated it into a movie really well.  And then after I finish that, I'll repick up "The Hunger Games".  But first I need to finish "I Am Number Four".    And after I finis the Hunger Games books, I have no idea.  Guess I'll read some other books that I've bought this year.  Which has been several.  And now that Borders is more or less gone, I have no idea where to get books around here (Without going to Amazon).  And without going to a thrift shop or used bookstore.  I like used books, but I want to be able to get new books. There's just a certain thrill of going into a bookstore, and smelling the books, and sometimes, the coffee.  I just love the smell of books.  It makes me happy.

The Doctor Who episode last night was...interesting.  I can never look at dolls again.  THANKS GUYS!

And I've been watching massive amounts of "Roseanne" on YouTube.  I love that show, and could watch it over and over and over.  In fact, I do.  It's just good.  I love it.

Grease 2 is on, and I have no idea why I'm watching it.  I think it's terrible.  Guess I just don't feel like watching anything else that's on.  Maybe I'll go watch some BBT.  I'm trying to watch BBT and the Office before they come back on.  Just my DVDs that is.  But yeah.  I'll go watch it.  I'll see what Chip is barking about and then go watch BBT.

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