September 2nd, 2011

Yellow Brick Road


You know when things aren't that bad, but they feel like they're worse than they are?

It kind of feels like that.

SO much has been going on. It feels like too much. Between work and people visiting here, it's just felt like a lot. And then there was drama...but when is there not drama in my life? I'm tired all the time, I'm just stressed out all the time. One of my managers at work noticed I wasn't looking myself today. She asked if everything was ok...I said yeah. I mean, things are just ok.

Time with my Grandparents was...interesting. We went to the Conrad mansion finally. That was cool. It's neat to learn about part of the towns history. And we went to Glacier one day, they did the Red Bus tour and Susi, David, myself, and my parents went on the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail. And then we did some cherry picking one day. That was fun too. That's about all we did. But yeah, it was an...interesting...visit.

And work has been ok. That insane week we had inventory and a floor set and a fragrance event, I worked over 40 hours that week. Which was great, but all that money went to my parents, for rent. Bah. But my hours have been pretty steady. They've been giving me more. And I have a possibility for a promotion at the beginning of next year. We'll see how that goes though.

But yeah. I'm feeling like I'm stressing out way more than I should right now. I don't know. It feels like way more is going on than there really is. And I'm probably blowing everything out of proportion. *Sighs* I just need a good night's sleep. Maybe that'll make me feel better.

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