July 28th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Is this thing on?


LJ is back up and running. *Huggles LJ* Oh how I've missed you!

So the past couple of days have been super good.  And I'm like high on life right now.

Monday I decided I needed to go to Target.  Because I wanted to.  And I needed new pads ((I got the ones that had the colourful wrappers.  Because I'm cool like that)).  And while I was there, I saw that there was season 1 of Hey Dude there.  And I basically freaked the heck out, and grabbed it, because I loved that show as a kid.  And I STILL love it.  It's just awesome.  So that was like, my highlight of Monday.

Then on Tuesday, I decided that I really wanted the Spring Awakening soundtrack, just because I was like, I need it.  And OMG!  Duncan Sheik is just.  Oh.  It's just beautiful.  That was pretty much my day on Tuesday.  I know something else happened, but I don't remember what.
And then yesterday, I felt like I was in a fog half the day.  I have no idea.  I guess I haven't been sleeping so well recently.  Oh well.  Anyways.  It was still a good day.  I was just sitting around, fiddling around on the internet, and I saw an email notification from the Jobs Montana site, that there was a position open at Home Depot for cashiers.  So I did my application for the movie theater and took it over there, and then I went over to Home Depot and updated my information.  I guess I didn't actually need to do the application again, as my information was already stored in the system.  So I drive back to the house, and then I was just sitting around. Playing Angry Birds in Chrome.  And then I get a call from the movie theater, saying they wanted to do an interview today.  So I was like, heck yes I do!
So today I went in for my interview.  I think it went well.  I can't tell.  She was throwing lots of information at me.  So I'll take that as a good sign.  And then I was just going to head back to the house, but then I decided that I wanted to drop by Bath and Body Works, cause I was like, I'm bored.  So I went.  And just popped in and said hello for awhile.  And then I was just gonna leave, but then I  saw that the Red Cross was doing a blood drive, so I stopped by, and asked if I could donate, and they said it was cool.  So I did that.  And finally got back here.  And then I discovered Google Books.  And I've had some fun finding stuff on there.
So the past couple of days have been rather awesome.
((And I totally had an entry all typed up last night, and then it didn't post, and I was sad.))
So how are you all?
Hope you all are well.

I'm gonna go RP a bit, and then crash.  Cause I'm really good, but really tired.  I've been staying up WAYYYYYYYYY too late lately.  So yeah.
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