June 27th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance With the stars up above in your eyes...

Well what a good past couple of days.

My parents are gone for several days and I've got the house to myself.  And it's wonderful.  

Yesterday I was going to go see a movie, but I ended up working, so I didn't get to go.  I did my grocery shopping at like, 10.  Wal-Mart was quiet.  I may have to do that from now on.  As crazy as it is.  But hell, if it's quiet.  Might as well.  I ended up re-buying SIMS 2.  Because I've been wanting to play it, but I can't, because I lost my instruction booklet.  And it has the registration code on it.  And I need that in order to properly install it on my computer.  And I got "Baby Mama" on DVD.  I adore that movie.  Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are pure perfection.  And a new coloring book.  And then I came back here, and I didn't manage to fall asleep till 2 am.  <.<

Today was good.  I slept till about 10:30.  And then I got a call from work about a goodbye dinner tonight for one of my managers, she's moving soon.  So I said I would go.  And then I sat around for awhile.  Went to work and dinner.  And I had to go by Wal-Mart to get a refund, because they double charged me for "Baby Mama".  I love that movie, but not that much!  And then I finally got back here.  And I hadn't been here but a few minutes when my dad called to say that they made it to Maine alright.  So that's good.

I'm excited for tomorrow.  Gonna hang with Maegan.  And I might be working.  But I'm excited to be hanging with Maegan.  I haven't seen her in a couple of months.  I've missed her.  She's like, my only friend here.  We went to the DH Midnight show together.  We're going to this one.  Tickets come out here on Friday.  So I'm pretty excited.

I'm starting to get sleepy.  So I'm gonna head off to bed before too long.