June 13th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Hello weekend!

TGI...M?  Haha!

So glad it's finally the weekend.  I am EXHAUSTED!  It's been a crazy past few days.

Today went well though.  I got an epic amount of tips ((38$ to be exact)) I found a twenty in one room, the guy in there left a note that said "I spilled something on the sheet, and I feel bad.  Accept this tip".  And I was like "..." OK!  And I found a ten in one room.  And a five in another.  And one one in one room.  And two ones in another.  So yeah, it was a good day as far as tips went.  And I got my rooms all done.  One changed into a check out from a stay over.  I was a little disappointed.  Would've made me get done that much sooner, but that's ok.  But I still got done on time!  And I only had a tiny bit of help today.  So I was happy about that.  And I didn't have to go to Bath and Body Works.  Which I was both happy and sad about.  Happy because I didn't have to rush out the door to get there, sad because I needed the hours.  Oh well.  I'm working again on Thursday, so I'll enjoy my time off tomorrow, Wednesday, and half of Thursday.  I'm pretty stoked.

So, my night was made.  I got a lap dance on my RL twitter account from @EpicDoctor.  Oh yes.  Be jealous ladies. Be VERY jealous.

So  2 1/2 days off.  I am stoked.  I get to SLEEP IN!

I'm gonna continue chilling!