May 31st, 2011


I'm already gone, there's no moving on...

So the weekend is almost over.  And what a good weekend it was.  I needed these two days off so bad.  Work has been draining me of energy like crazy.  I mean, it's good, but I like having energy!  And I was annoyed on Sunday, because I was the very last person done with my rooms, and I didn't finish till 4, and no one came to help me till I was on my very last room and just about done.  I was like "Y U NO HELP ME RIGHT NOW?!".  Cause we're supposed to go help other people when we're done with our rooms.  But did anyone help me?  Noooooo.  *Sighs* Oh well.  I get paid on Friday, and that's good.  Cause I'm pretty much out of money.  And it's depressing.  Hope to just save up quickly.  A few more paychecks like the one I'm getting, and I'll be set.

So I'm totally shipping Juno and Galen Marek (Starkiller) like, hardcore now.  OMG!  It just kind of all the sudden came on, like today.  They're so perfect together!  I love it!  Totally going to draw a picture and write a story.  *Thinks of stuff* I'm just a nerd, don't mind me.

Anyways. This weekend was too short.  Yesterday my aunt came over for food, and my mom and her worked on a project for the office.  Some decorating thing.  And my dad and I ran errands for my mom and my aunt, getting stuff to decorate with.  Then today, was a very lazy day.  And it was great.  Cause I love days like this.  Just been relaxing.  It's awesome.

Think I'm gonna go look up more Juno/Galen stuff!