May 27th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Boring update about work

I realized that I haven't updated the past couple of days.  I've just been too tired.  Work has taken everything out of me.  And I have two days to go until I get an actual day off, I hope.  In fact, they said that they weren't sure if they were going to keep me past Sunday.  It's frustrating.  Because  I really need money.  *Sighs* Anyways.  It's going well.  Wednesday I was paired with some Asian lady, who was moving really fast, and I'm pretty sure that I learned a little bit from her, but not a lot.  Yesterday and today I was paired with someone who I think was more my age.  But I learned quite a bit from her.  And I'm flying solo tomorrow.  I'm kinda nervous.  But I think I'll be alright.  I'd rather work with someone than by myself.  It goes faster, and you can knock more out that way.  But oh well.  It's just something I've noticed from working at Whitefish Mountain Resort and at the Outlaw, when we were doing deep cleaning that is.  Oh well.

But yeah.  Work is going well.  It makes me wish I had more hours at Bath and Body.  God I love that job.  It's easily the best job I've ever had.  I'm just annoyed with the lack of hours.  Otherwise, it's fantastic.

So Sunday will mark my 6th day in a row of working.  I swear if I don't have Monday off of either job, I will be so pissed.  I need a day off.  I'm getting grumpy and I'm tried. I bet you all can tell.

But enough about work life.  I'm good otherwise.  Not a lot is going on.  Just chilling I guess.

Meh.  I need sleep.