May 11th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Recap of the Past Few Days

Ok, so I haven't actually updated since my night of too much good food and wine at the Chef's Table.  Which was AMAZING.  I'd love to go again someday.

Saturday...Saturday...I don't think much happened on Saturday if I recall.  We stayed in all day, I watched the previous episode of Doctor Who, and the new one.  And, the new one was AMAZING.  It was just missing Johnny Depp ;).  Mom made jambalaya.  I've never had it before.  It was SO GOOD.  And Grandpa, Susi, Mom, and myself all played Hand and Foot.

Sunday, was Mother's Day.  I had stayed up WAYYYYYYYYYYY too late the night before, talking with a friend on Skype.  And RPing on Twitter.  So I didn't actually get any sleep till about 4 am, and then woke up around 9.  So I didn't get that much sleep, and I was kinda a grump first thing Sunday morning.  But we went to Glacier.  And we stopped at Glacier Grille in "uptown" Coram on the way.  *Snorts* "uptown" Coram is a joke.  Coram, is this little town somewhere halfway between Columbia Falls and the West Entrance to the park.  It's one of those "If you blink, you'll miss it" towns.  So there's this little bistro on the left side of the road, (It's a bright yellow shack, you can't miss it) called "Going-To-The-Sun Bistro" (The main road you drive on in the Park is "Going-To-The-Sun Road").  So one day last summer, my parents, myself, and Susi were driving up to the Park and we decided to stop and get coffee at the Bistro.  So on the side of the cup, it says "Going-To-The-Sun Bistro" and in little letters beneath it says "Uptown Coram".  Now there's not much of anything in Coram, besides the Stonefly Lounge and the Bistro and Glacier Grille.  I don't think there's a real dividing line, which makes it all that much more funny.  ANYWAYS!  We got some brunch, and made the drive up to the East Entrance of the Park.  Our goal was to walk the Running Eagle falls walk.  So we stopped off at Goat Lick first, but there were no signs of Mountain Goats.  So we continued our drive.  Which, from our house, is about a 2 hour drive.  So anyways, we drove up, and got to the parking area.  But low and behold, there was a bunch of snow where we thought we could walk.  They've been working on clearing the snow, but considering this is the mountains, and they get a lot of snow up there, it's a pretty hard task.  So we just walked up the road a little bit and turned around.  And on the drive back, we stopped on the side of the road a few times to observe some wildlife.  And I got a voicemail from work saying "Come in and help with the floor set pls".  So we had to hurry back so I could get to work.  And I liked it, it was different.  Hopefully I'll have a few more of those.  Even though it's later, I don't mind it.

And yesterday, was a do nothing sort of day.  I went to Target to get minutes for my phone, and some other necessities.  Had some Taco Bell for lunch.  And for the first time in AGES got some Cold Stone.  We got one this past summer, and I had yet to have any from this particular one.  Mom and dad took Grandpa to Spokane to fly back to Wichita.

And today, I haven't done much either.  I filled out an application to Wal-Mart.  I need to do another couple tomorrow.  I'm just not getting enough hours from Bath and Body Works.  I LOVE it, but I just need money.  

I guess I have a bruise from unloading the truck at David's house the other day.  Oh well.  It's a nice one.  It's a pretty shade right now.

And to top this all off:
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And tomorrow we have IDOL!  Looking forward to it!  Lady Gaga is the mentor!  WOOHOO!  Can't remember for the life of me what the theme is though.

Anyways, I've been blabbering on long enough, and I'm tired. 

This is a much longer entry than I was intending it to be, and if you made it through.  Congratulations.  You get a cookie!




PS: I've become hopelessly addicted to Tumblr, if any of you wish to see whatever stuff I have to tumble about, feel free to follow me, the link is on the side of my journal.

Writer's Block: Behind the wheel

If you could have any vehicle (a helicopter, sports car, space ship, yacht, etc.) and a free place to park it, what would you choose, and why?

The TARDIS of course!  The TARDIS can be parked anywhere.  So I don't really have to worry about that.  ORRRRRRRRRRRR the Millennium Falcon.  Good thing about the Falcon is that you can park it sideways.  So it's very compact. :P  But yeah, TARDIS or the Falcon.