May 3rd, 2011


Writer's Block: Portal 17

Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?

Oh totally. 

How long have they been around?  A long time.  Why wouldn't they still be around?  They'll probably all be motion based.  Just thinking about the Wii and Kinect and whatever the PlayStation one is.  Handhelds might go by the wayside, it's hard to tell.  But yeah, in 15 years, video games will be around.

Busy Busy Busy

This week has been something else.  Just thinking about World Events and stuff.  I mean, the tornadoes in the south, and Osama bin Laden being killed, and the Royal Wedding.  And then there's the trivial stuff, like Casey being eliminated from Idol and Steve's last episode of the Office.  But still, it's just been incredible.

Ah, speaking of that.  It's been a pretty busy past several days.  Friday Alex was in town.  We met at Colter's Coffee, waiting for his girlfriend to show up, and then we went back here.  Just hung out.  Played some Mario Kart Wii and just hung out for awhile.  Then they left.  And then on Saturday, woke up kinda late.  And I guess I was supposed to go to work on Saturday at Bath and Body Works, but I thought that they meant THIS Saturday.  So I felt really bad, and I had to call and apologize for missing my shift.  But we ended up going to lunch at Bojangles and then we went to the tile store.  And then CostCo.  I guess David was looking for some stuff, but didn't find what he was looking for.  And then we came back here, and I changed and went to the Red Lion for the banquet.  Which was some Lincoln-Regan thing.  Some Republican thing.  That was...interesting.  And Sunday, I had a call-in shift at Bath and Body.  My family went to Kookanusa without me.  I wasn't happy about that.  And yesterday, we got David's stuff loaded into his house.  Which went well.

And today, I have the day off.  I had a call-in shift, but they didn't need me.  So now I'm just chillaxing.  Good stuff.

I might play some video games, I might read, I don't know.

I need to go drop off my time card at LC Staffing, so I should go do that.

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