April 7th, 2011


'I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?'

Well this week has turned out to be interesting.

Yesterday, was going to be what I thought, a relaxing day.  It turned out to be kinda busy though.  

I had my appointment at Express Personal.  Which went well, she told me that she'd put my name in with Tru Value Hardware store, for a cashier position there.  And then I got back here, and called Shopko, and I have an interview set up for tomorrow.  And then, LC Staffing called a little bit later, and told me that they needed more help up on the Mountain again the next few days.  So I said, ok.  I need the money.  So then, I realized as soon as I hung up, about my interview.  But then today, I decided that it would just work best to work early and go to my interview.  So that's what I'll do tomorrow.

Anyways, today was a normal day.  Just made a bunch of beds, did a bunch of stocking towels and soaps and stuff.  Just me and another person this time.  One of the same people I worked with a couple weeks before.  We just did a few rooms.  Worked at a steady pace.  We weren't in a hurry today.  It was nice.  Tomorrow we aren't too busy.  But my supervisor said that we were gonna be busy on Friday.  So, yeah.  Interesting next couple of days.

Bath and Body Works said that they were waiting on a couple of references to call them back..  Hopefully I'll know soon.  I'm going a little nutty.  Oh well.  I'm pretty sure I got it though.

But I'm doing ok.  This weather hasn't been good for me.  It's making me feel kinda weird.  I want some summer weather.  I'm tired of this crappy weather, rain, sunshine, snow.  It's screwing with me.  I hate it.  Hopefully it'll even out soon.

I should get some sleep.  I have work tomorrow, and my interview.  I need my rest.

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