April 2nd, 2011

Yellow Brick Road


So the past couple of days have been alright.  Tomorrow is my last day up at the Resort.  It's been kinda fun.  It's not one of those jobs where I wake up, and think "Oh, I don't want to go to work!".  Of course I want to sleep in.  But it's not like I'm dreading to go to work, like with Qdoba.  Where I had severe anxiety about going into work.  But anyways.  The past couple of days have been pretty good.

Thursday was really slow.  We made one bed in 5 minute, and pretty much chilled till lunch then.  We cleaned up the laundry room in Kinta, and then we did some dusting and vaccuming.  And I think we went to the Hibernation House afterwords, and made some beds.  Then we got to go.  Then I went and filled up the car with gas, and then I went back to the house for about 10 minutes, and headed over to Susi's apartment.  Then we went to the senior citizen's center and went line dancing.  And then came back and I soaked in the tub and read for a bit then went to bed.

Yesterday, we were all over the place.  We did a few rooms in Morning Eagle, and then went over to Edelweiss and did a bunch of rooms.  Took our lunch.  Went over to the Hibe, and then we got off at like, 3 or something.  So our supervisor was super nice and gave us a ride down the mountain.  Then I went over to Borders and I got my Kelly Clarkson cd, and then went over to Wal-Mart and I got Britney's new CD, and I got the latest Katy Perry cd.  And, there was this great deal on the Mario 25th anniversary games for the Wii...so...I got it.  And then I went back to the house.  And I just chilled.

Today wasn't too bad.  We made a few beds in Morning Eagle.  Did a few in Edelweiss and then did a couple in the Hibe and then we got to leave early again.  Got a ride down the mountain.  Got back here.  And now I'm chilling and gonna go shower.  So, I should go do that.

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