March 17th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road



Today was alright.  Chip woke me up at like, 6.  And I wasn't happy.  Because, I was in a deep dream.  And then my mom knocked on my door and work had called, wanting me to come in.  But my mom missed the phone call I guess.  I called 'em back and told them no, because I had my hair cut today.  And they call me in, every fucking Wednesday.  Every week.  I don't get it.  I don't know if they're understaffed on Wednesday's, if someone always calls out on Wednesdays, or what.  But I've come to loath Wednesdays because of it.  *Sighs* Anyways.  As I said, I got my hair cut! Collapse )
Ignore my dorky expressions.

I just had her cut it to my shoulders.  It feels SO much better.  It's been SO LONG since I've had it cut!  And now everyone keeps saying I look pretty and hot and stuff...I don't think so, but whatever.  And then after I got it cut, I was like, I want new clothes to go with my new 'do!  And then I got my new clothes, and I was like, I need new shoes.  So...yeah.  So anyways, I went to the mall afterwords, and went to JC Penny's.  I browsed the sales rack...shame on me...because I found 4 shirts I really liked.  One was three dollars.  The others varied from 10-15.  I just thought they were good prices.  And they were really cute shirts too!  So, I guess I could justify those purchases.  Then I went by the Red Cross.  I'm going in Friday to donate blood.  And then I went up to Target, cause I wanted to look at flat irons.  I have one.  I just don't know where it is.  So I might get another one.  And I looked at the shoes there, but I didn't find ones that I liked.  So I went over to Famous Footwear, and I got two pairs of flats.  One is black and has little criss cross strips on it.  They're really cute.  And then I got a pair of purple ones.  Because my shirts have quite a bit of purple in 'em.  So I was like, I need so purple ones.  And they're so cute!  So yeah.  Then I went by my dad's office to show off my hair.  And then I came back here and chilled.

All in all, a pretty good day.

I got my book in the mail that I ordered a few weeks ago.  Think I might start it.  I'm re-reading the Jedi Apprentice books.  I just got number 3.  God, I love these books.

Ok.  Think I'm gonna read a bit, and then go to bed.

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