February 22nd, 2011


Keep On Keep On Keep On Groovin'

I won't update this later today if I don't do it now.  Honestly, I'll forget.

So anyways.  This was a pretty good weekend.  Our day in Glacier was fun.  I got some really good pictures!  I love it!  I'll post some pictures later.

Yesterday was just another day.  Woke up earlier than I wanted to.  Dad fixed Painted Porch Pancakes, bacon, and some fruit for brunch.  And then we went to a couple of wooden furniture stores, cause my uncle was looking for some to put into the house he wants up in Eureka.  We went up to Big Fork to look at a pottery place there.  And then we came back here.  Dad fixed ribs, mom fixed beans and slaw and mac and cheese.  Oh man was it good.  And then mom and I played Farkle.  And I beat her pretty good.  I was ahead the whole time, and then she came up from behind and then she went out, and I went out with an even bigger bang.  Oh it was awesome.  And then we watched Castle.  And went to bed.

Right now.  I'm considering food.  And watching Rachel Ray.  Convincing myself that work is a good thing to go to.  I have to call TJ Maxx tomorrow.  I need to write a sticky note to do that.

And yeah.  I guess 11-4 isn't too bad today.  I suspect we'll be busy.  And that's good.  I hope we're busy at least.  I think it was last Wednesday, that we were super slow.  It was just painful.  Or maybe that was Thursday.  One of those days.  It was just super slow.  I'm pretty sure it was Thursday.  Cause it was the day that I didn't open-open.  Anyways.  I hope it's not slow like that day.  That sucked.  I want us to be busy, but not super busy.  I hate when we're super busy.  Oh well.

Anyways, I need food and then get ready for work.

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