January 26th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Because Twitter Is Being Lame...

I'll update my LJ.  How sad is that?

Anyways.  Today was pretty good.  I woke up around 10 something.  Watched some of "Firefly".  It's pretty good so far.  And then a little while later, I went to the bank to deposit my Christmas money from my Grandma.  And then I went by the post office.  And then i gassed up the car.  Went and got lunch at Taco Bell.  Went by PetCo, Home Depot, Ross, Borders, and Starbucks to see if they were actually hiring.  Only Home Depot and Ross had any sort of good word.  As in, they're going through applications and will give me a call within the next couple of weeks.  So, we'll see what happens.

And, things aren't quite as bad as what we thought with Chip.  I mean, at least with his heart.  And then we need to get him in for ultrasounds, for his liver and his lungs.  We don't really know what's' going on.  They just want to run some more tests.

So, I guess everything is ok today.  Not doing too bad.  Life is kinda looking up a bit.  So, that's good.

Ok.  It looks like both Twitter and Fox are working again.  So I'm going to watch Idol and RP some more.

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