January 16th, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Life and Such

The past few days have been pretty low key the past few days.

Friday I finished my room by spending about an hour or so cleaning the bathroom.  And just basically chilling.  Then yesterday, I made Wendi's scarf.  Finally.  Not like I haven't been trying to make it.  Just been busy and distracted by a lot of other things.  And I spent the entire day watching "How I Met Your Mother".  I watched most of Season 3, all of Season 4, and a few episodes of Season 5.  Which I'm watching right now.

So, I got an application done for CostCo.  Think I might do another one for Borders.  Since I just can't keep OUT of Borders.  I have a bad, bad Borders addiction.  Plus, I've just been super happy with Borders recently.  I had a good experience with ordering something online, I like going into their cafe, and I had a good experience with putting something on hold to pick up later last week.  And now I sound like a Borders advertisement.  Of course it doesn't help that I'm looking at a Borders ad as I type this...But yeah.  I'll try Borders again.  Of course, every time I put an application in there, I never hear back.  Seriously, the past several places I've put apps in, I haven't heard back.  And this time of year SUCKS for looking for a job.  Cause it feels like no one is hiring right now.  Guess I'll keep plugging away though.

I need to change up my icons and background.  Which is what I'm totally going to do right now.  Mood theme, icons, and background.  Mostly "Singin' In the Rain".  Because that's totally my favorite movie right now.  It's just so awesome.

So yeah, I'll go do that.  And think about places to hit up on Tuesday.

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