November 22nd, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Ho Hum

It was just another average day at work.  It's cold.    The snow has been blowing all day.  It was blowing really hard on the way home.  I drove about 25 all the way home.  People weren't too happy with me.  But honestly, the wind was blowing strongly and I could hardly see the road.  Gee, I'm sorry people.  I don't want to drive too fast and not see the road.  God, some people.

I've been messed up on my days all weekend.  I blame Harry Potter.  Also, see my last entry, could really use more Harry Potter RPers.

Grandpa is going to be here tomorrow.  It's so weird that he isn't going to be here with Grandma.  I'm feeling sad.  I can just, see her in my head.  Doing things she normally did.  And kark, I feel like crying.  And I don't WANT to cry.  I hate crying.  I'm just...sad.

Off the next couple of days.  Thank goodness.  I need a couple of days to rest back up from the weekend.  I'm tired.  My eyes, have just felt tired for the past couple of days.  Just stress and general tiredness.

Speaking of.  I should get some sleep.

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