November 16th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Good Day!

So today was pretty damn good. 

First, I woke up about 10:30.  Which was awesome and good.  And then around 12:30, I went to the movie theater, to get the tickets, but they weren't open yet.  So, I went to Target to get minutes for my phone, but they didn't have the one I needed.  So I went over to Borders and got a peppermint mocha trio.  SO GOOD!  And then I went to the movie theater and got my tickets for the midnight showing!!!!!  And then I went over to Wal-Mart and got the minutes I needed.  And then I went over to JoAnn's, and got some fabric remnants and a seam ripper.  Getting back into sewing.  And then went to Super 1 and got some soda and fruit snacks, and then went to Taco Bell for lunch, and then went to Albertson's, so I could get some Star Wars fruitsnacks.  And then went home, so I could make sure Chipper was ok.  Speaking of which, he's doing alright.  The drugs have really messed with him.  He's really groggy all the time, and he hasn't been eating a lot.  Poor boy.  Watched Ellen.  Then a couple hours ago, I decided that I was gonna make a Hufflepuff scarf for Thursday.  And I'm gonna figure out how to decorate my shirt that I used for my Halloween costume.  I think  I might get either fabric paint or iron on letters.  I can't decide.  We'll see.

Anyways, Chip is doing well, and I'm gonna do a bit more crocheting, hopefully just a few more rows and then go to bed.

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Let It Snow! Let it Snow! Let It Snow!

Ok, well, today was alright.

Woke up a little bit late.  Wasn't late for work, but I set my alarm wrong.  Luckily my mom was making coffee, so I was able to wake up and get ready to go on time.  Work was alright.  There was this really cute two year old in the store today.  Just made me smile.  Kinda made my day at work.  I keep forgetting to do punches.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  I fail sometimes.  I forgot to punch out today.  *Sighs*  Somedays I wonder.  But, I'll blame it on, A) Not being properly caffeinated B) Being distracted by the snow C) Being distracted by Chip.  I just forgot.  Oh well.  I'll do a punch correction tomorrow.  But anyways, it SNOWED today.  Finally.  I actually kinda like it.  I don't like the people who drive 5 mph when they could drive 15.  But whatever.  Just as long as they're moving.  I get kind of impatient behind the wheel sometimes.  I need to learn to control that.  Oh well.  Anyways.  Went to go pick up Chip after work.  He was at my parents office today.  He's doing a lot better.  Getting his energy back.  My poor baby.

Working on a scarf for Thursday night!  I got 30 rows done today.  I did 10 yesterday.  I'm doing black and gold, because whenever I do a sorting quiz, I always get sorted into Hufflepuff.  That and Emporia's colors are Black and Gold.  So I'm just really excited.  I should be able to get it done by Thursday night.  :D  I'm also gonna do a shirt.  I'm not sure what it's gonna say, but it'll be a Hufflepuff shirt too! :D <3 Harry Potter! I'm such a nerd! XD :D

Anyways, I'm tired from crocheting the past several hours.  So I should get some sleep.