November 13th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Poor Puppy

Ok, so, today started off like any normal Saturday.  Chip woke me up to go out about 8:30.  I tried to get him back to bed, but he wouldn't go.  So I let him out and went back to bed.  I wake up a couple hours later, and I find my mom holding him in her lap.  And I'm told that he's lethargic and he had gotten sick a little while ago.  So naturally I worry.  And we decide to take him to the Vet ER.  So we get down there and wait around awhile, and my parents have to go, cause my dad had a patient to attend to.  And it's, like 11:30 at this point.  So Chip and I wait around again for awhile.  And then he got weighed.  And then while waiting for him to go into the exam room he got sick for like, a fourth time.  The poor guy.  So we go into the exam room and then the nurse took his temp  and it read 105.5 which was really high.  So she took him and put him on ice immediately.  And I waited and waited in the waiting room.  And then they came back and told me they were going to do some blood work.  So I waited awhile longer, they had a kitten out there in the waiting room, for free.  So I played with her for awhile.  And then the doc came back with the results, the white blood count was really high.  And she thought it was a sign of a really bad infection.  So they were gonna put him on a good dose of antibiotics and get some fluids in him.  But they wanted to do an x-ray first.  My parents got back just soon after they did the blood work.  And good thing we did an x-ray before we let them do any antibiotics or fluids.  Cause they found two huge bladder stones in his bladder.  And then several smaller ones in his urinary tract.  The poor puppy.  He had surgery.  Just got out of it about an hour ago.  The poor boy.  I was worried about him.  Just glad he's ok now.

I seriously need more caffeine.  So I'm gonna go get some.

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