November 12th, 2010



Oh yes, my life is very glitterific.  How so?

Well, I come home most nights showered in glitter.  It's crazy.  Half the stuff at work, is all glitter crap.  Especially right now.  What with Christmas and everything,  But I was just thinking earlier today, that we need something like those emergency showers at chem labs.  Except with water, it's filled with glitter.  I mean, might as well.  Not like we're not covered with enough glitter at work. :P

Speaking of which.  Work was alright today.  We were pretty busy today.  All the Canadians came down today.  I don't know.  Crazy Canadians.  Yeah, it was alright though.  Just busy.

Have tomorrow off.  Hooray.

I don't really have much to say.  Just thinking about the glitter thing.

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