November 9th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

It's That Time of Year!

So some of you great folks out there have inspired me to make one of these posts!  I'm gonna send out Christmas cards this year. 

So.  Whoever would like a Christmas card, just make a comment below. 

Comments are screened, but if you'd prefer, you can message me your address. :)

So, if you'd like a card.  Let me know! :D
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Yellow Brick Road

Is There Anyone...

Who could help me with a "White Christmas" mood theme?  I found one, but the link to download it is down.  And I'd love one to match my default icon.  Cause you know, I'm totally crazy like that. :P  But is there anyone out there, who knows where I could find one, or could make one for me?

I'd love you forever.
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