November 8th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

A Long Overdue Catch Up On The Meme (Days 20-27)

Ok, so apparently I fail so badly at keeping up with this thing.  Not like I couldn't.  I was just lazy.  Not like a whole lot has been going on.  Just working.  But anyways.  Here's my update on the Meme:

Collapse )

And I think that officially catches me up.  That wasn't as bad as I thought!

Now it's bed time

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Yellow Brick Road


Ok, so I haven't updated in, what, a week?  Or so.  About a week.

Not a lot has been going on.  Just working.  Which I still like.  Been there just a little over a month now.  And I thought I was supposed to have a review on my one month hire date, but I guess not.  Oh well.  I guess I have to be there another 60 days before I get one of those.

But anyways, last Monday, I got to work 6-2:30.  I was unloading the truck and stocking fleece.  It was pretty good.  Something different, which I needed.  Cause I'm tired of cashiering ALL THE TIME.  Cause that's all I do.  That's all I did at Target.  I gotta ask if I can get trained over at the cut table.  I don't want to cashier all the time.  It's boring if that's all I do.  But anyways, enough ranting.  I really do like my job.

3 more days of the Meme left.  Kinda glad.  Cause I'm actually kinda bored of it now.  Just a lot to keep up with.  Oh well.

Hmmm...whatelse?  Not a lot.  Hung out with Meagan the other day.  We watched "The Ugly Truth" and then decided we were bored so we went to the mall for a bit.  Just browsed around.  And then I dropped her off, and then went back here.  It was pretty nice.

And now I've got a couple of days off to chill and do whatever with.  And I really do need a couple of days to myself.  Cause I don't feel like I've had a couple of days to myself, to do what I, me myself and I, want to do.  It's important to have a couple of those days.  You know?

Anyways, I'm gonna go relax and do nothing.

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